Void Film Hotel

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Concept transformation + thematic circulation diagrams.

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Direct El Lissitzky translation.

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Concept models.

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  • Fall 2008
  • Architecture: Core Studio
  • Site: Ithaca, NY
  • Instructors: Caroline O'Donnell
  • Collaborator: Alexandra Bair

[experiential architecture, a site in motion]

The Void Film Hotel reclaims an empty loading dock under a vital intersection in downtown Ithaca. Its form stemming from El Lissitzky's Proun painting, divides the user’s cinematic experience into a vertical gradient. The diagonal circulation shaft acts as a guide from the uppermost viewing platform to the below-level movie theater.

Just as El Lissitzky's paintings contain a series of "geometric forms [that] become dynamic through their suspension within a precariously balanced visual field", the Void Hotel translates the forces and motion of the gorge surrounding the site to activate the forgotten site.