Starchefs 2010: Colonel's Canteen Installation

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Plan of self-supporting can-struction.

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Beginning of construction.

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2nd phase of construction.

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  • Fall 2010
  • Installation for 2010 Starchefs Conference
  • Park Avenue Armory, NYC
  • Collaborators: Stephanie Goto, Sebastian Hernandez

[mundane objects + untouchable site = installation reinterpreted]

The fifth annual International Chefs Congress took place in the historic Park Avenue Armory in New York City. While interning at Stephanie Goto, we were invited to create an installation in the Colonel’s Reception room. Restricted from touching the surrounding walls, we created a freestanding installation that would wind through the space.

Utilizing the tin coffee can as a basic module, much like a brick, a curved screen is created. The aggregate form reflects and filters movement enclosing a seating area and defining a spine for circulation. A familiar object is transformed as a basic building element, blurring the boundary between art and craft.

Write-up courtesy of Stephanie Goto