Streetscape Mutate

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Overhang and voronoi transformation diagrams.

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Alleyway/Oddlot transformation diagrams.

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42nd St. resulting mutation.

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Lexington resulting mutation.

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  • Fall 2011
  • Visual Representation: Beyond Measurement
  • Site: NYC
  • Collaborators: Natalya Maliew, Pak Wong
  • Instructor: Tien Ling

[scripting urban mutations with grasshopper]

This experiment transforms two Manhattan streetscapes (42nd btwn. 6-8th, Lexington btwn. 66-68th) through the inputs of street overhangs, facade grid systems, and oddlots/alleyways. Each input is translated through a series of grasshopper scripts that reinterpret their impact on the streetscape to create an entirely different mutation. This project explores the capabilities of scripting to create a systematic and adjustable urban diagram.

First, the street overhangs are reversed by a rotational subtraction, carving out segments from the buildings facade proportional to the overhangs extent. Second, the facade's window grid system are simplified, randomized, and translated into a voronoi grid, redefining the openings and texture. Third, the alleys or oddlots between existing buildings are mutated based on adjustable attractor points to animate and exaggerate the separations.