Fast(er) Città

  • Spring 2011
  • Photography: Final Project
  • Site: Rome
  • Instructor: Liana Miuccio

[examining fast food culture in the eternal city]

Fast(er) Città explores the growing trend of American fast food in the city of Rome. It documents the tension that has developed in the last two decades between the remnants of traditional Italian culture and the accelerating urban lifestyle. Having grown up in the original fast food nation with Happy Meals and McDonald's birthday parties, I proceeded with the uncertainty of a tourist to capture moments of interplay between the city and its consumers.

Signs sprinkled across the center of Rome guided my journey to each location, often attached to touristic centers. Via del corso, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi fountain, and the Pantheon served as a few of the unseen backdrops. This triptych communicates the speed, transformation, and stagnancy of the people in an evolving city. What remains is the question of whether the change is an effect or the cause of a fast(er) città.