Marionette Museum

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Phase 1: Animal/mechanical motion study - the Okapi.

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Phase 2: The traveling Extinct Zoo exhibits, a portable, transformative display of our animatronic animals.

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Venice facade studies.

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Programmatic studies.

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The museum as a representation of Falvio, a character from Comedia dell'Arte.

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  • Fall 2007
  • Architecture: Core Studio
  • Site: Stockholm Archipelago
  • Instructors: Mark Morris + Val Warke

[expressive architecture: character and narrative driven design]

The Marionette Museum is located at the Campo di Santa Maria Formosa in Venice. It houses a theater, galleries, library, shop, and cafe. The museum was inspired by the Comedia dell'Arte character, Falvio - a lover with a heavy heart. The design focuses on the circulation of the museum, which wraps continuously around the central core, offering glimpses into the heart of the museum - the theater. Faceted panels of the facade push and pull into the building to create varying views into the piazza.