Drukier Dinner

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Before the dinner.

Slide 3

Magnetic ferro fluid aka the ink.

Slide 4

Assembling the table.

Slide 5

Custom dinnerware with attached magnets.

Slide 7

Placesettings + finished dinner.

Slide 6

Meeting table.

Slide 7

Party table.

Slide 7

Light table.

  • Fall 2010
  • Table + Event Design
  • Site: Cornell AAP Studio, NYC
  • Commissioned by Dean Kent Klienman
  • Collaborators: Andrew Heumann, Paul Joran, Leslie Mignin

[indexing the dining experience through interactive table and tableware design]

To honor Gale and Ira Drukier ‘66 for their generous donation to our college, we designed and choreographed a dinner in the AAP NYC studio. Inspired by the idea of an indexical meal, we created a dining surface composed of individual lighted drawing boards. Magnets attached to eating utensils and dinnerware interacted with the encased magnetic ferro fluid, allowing each guest to render his own drawings throughout the dinner.

After the event, the tables remained in the lecture space for the rest of the semester. They acted as props for student events, meeting tables, and light tables for student work.

Constructed with the assitance from the Cornell Rand Shop in Ithaca with Frank Parish, Chris Oliver, and Steve Yaros